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Casual Day

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Today was a pretty laid back day. The original plan was to head to 4 wineries today and then one tomorrow, but we decided we had a good feel for the wines in the area and really won't be able to get much more in the car. So we decided to just head to two wineries today and skip tomorrow's. The morning turned out to be very nice so we hung around the house for a while and let Maxx swim (he turned 9 today).

Around noon we headed out to Red Newt for a tasting and lunch. The wines were very good. We especially liked the Merlot. We then ate lunch in there restaurant. The food was very fresh. Although Troy's burger was a little over done he said the flavors were still really good. We decided to each get a Pinot from one of the wineries we were skipping. Mine was from Damiani's and was very good. Troy's was from Heart & Hands (where we planned to go tomorrow) and was pretty flabby. So we were happy we chose to skip it and head home a day early.

After lunch we headed over to Bloomer Creek as they looked like they would be fun. When we opened the door, the owner said the were not open because they had a "very important meeting". Seemed strange that if you are only open 4 hour, three days a week that you would schedule a "very important meeting" during your scheduled tasting time. Hopefully it was Wine Specator there to give them a good review.

Tonight is dinner at the house and packing so we can head home tomorrow. The other good thing about going home a day early is that we can go to a Brewers play off game on Sunday.

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Miles of Mobile Homes

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As we are now halfway through our trip to the finger lakes region a couple thing strike me. 1) the number of mobile homes. I expected the numerous farms, but not the number of mobile homes. I bet I have seen more mobile homes in the last 4 days than I have my whole life. 2) There also many cemeteries. I forget that settlers came to New York a long time before heading to the Midwest and there are a lot more dead people.

Today we spent a relaxing morning at the house. The sun came out for a short while so Maxx got to go swimming. He fetched the squirrel 9 times in celebration of his 9th birthday tomorrow.

The afternoon's plan was to go to 4 wineries on Keuka Lake and then head to Hammondsport for an early dinner. The first stop was to Keuka Spring Vineyard. They have a beautiful view and Their Reistling wasn't too bad either. We then headed over to Rooster Hill. They too had an excellent view. They also had many more wines that we enjoyed. The lady assisting us was pretty knowledgable and we walked out with a few more bottles. Next we were off to Ravines Wine Cellar. Here they had a cheese and wine pairing along with an additional tasting. It was well worth it. The wines were very enjoyable and the gentleman pouring was very knowledgable about the wines and wine making itself. We left with 6 bottles of wine and smiles on our faces. Our last stop was at Dr Frank's Vinfera Wine Cellars. (That is were today's picture is from). When we got there, it seemed there was a line for tasting. Sure enough when we got close enough we saw people waiting in line. Well nothing can be that good to make us wait in line for a tasting, so we turned around and did a little site seeing before dinner.

Dinner was at a place called Union Block Italian Bistro in Hammondsport. I would highly recommend it. The food was outstanding! Lots of garlic and truffle oil in the dishes. The service was also quite good. Stuffed to the gills, we headed back home to have a quiet evening with the dogs.

Tomorrow's plan was to head over to the east side of Seneca lake to taste at 4 different wineries, but since we are now wondering how we will get all this wine home it may be a short wine tasting day. Time will tell :-)


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View at Lamoreaux Landing Winery


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View at Ventosa Vineyards


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Corning Museum of Glass

Contemporary glass piece


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