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Jerlando's Pizza

semi-overcast 68 °F

Here is a picture inside the restaurant


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Six states in 13 hours

semi-overcast 76 °F

We got on the road at 4 am this morning.  The drive was pretty uneventfull other than getting "pulled over" at a toll booth in Indiana.  The state patrol said we were speeding, but we were slowing down to get to the toll booth.  Our guess is he wanted to see what was pilled up in the back of the Element from out of state. Got a warning and drove on.

Porter was a little antsy.  Each time we stopped, he would jump from the car.  You could see him saying "I am free!".  At least as free as one is on the end of a leash.  At one rest stop I ran them around the building in the rain just to release some steam.

As we neared New York the scenery started getting very pretty.  Rolling hills, the trees turning colors.  Beautiful!  We picked up the keys for the house and headed over there.  First things the dogs did when we got there is go for a swim.  The yard is all fenced in (except by the lake (we are on Seneca lake)) so they ran around like crazy dogs and kept going in the water until it was time to eat.  If the weather holds, they are going to have a great vacation. The house is very nice and has lots of amenities including: kayaks, a paddle boat, hot tub, covered patio with a tv. I could go on... Looks like we should have a good vacation as well.

Dinner at a tasty Italian place in Watkins Glen, Jerlando's pizza.  Traditional Italian restaurant with lots of garlic.  Yum! We also had a very peppery syrah from Glenora. Only 12.5% alcohol. Very good indication that we should find some good wines on the trip.

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On the road tomorrow


We are about 12 hours away from our family vacation to the Finger Lakes region of New York.  The plan for tomorrownis to get on the road by 3:30 am and drive to Penn Yan to get the keys to the house and then head to the house we rented for the week.  The drive is scheduled to take 11 1/2 hours.  With the time change and stopping for the dogs and gas, we should get there around 5 pm.

Most of our stuff is packed save for the dogs things.  Now we are relaxing, cooking dinner and getting ready for an early night. It has been since March of 2004 since we got in the car with the dogs and drove to our vacation destination. Porter wasn't born yet and Maxx was only 2 so it should be interesting. The advent of technology will make the drive interesting. Having our iPads and wireless access should add some interesting twists to the long drive.

Scattered rain showers today and tomorrow, but it should clear up as we get near NY. Monday's weather looks great, but they are calling for rain the rest of the week.  Guess we will play it by ear to see when we go wine tasting, hiking or to museums in the area. Should be some good farmers markets as well.

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