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Corning Museum of glass

Glass mural


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Museums and Wine Tasting

rain 70 °F

Today we headed down to Corning to the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum of Western Art to see an Andy Warhol exhibit.  We weren't expecting much from the glass museum, boy were we wrong.  It had many different types of glass.  The first room was contemporary glass pieces.  The next room was a history of glass.  Many different pieces from all over the world.  It was amazing to see!  They also had several demonstrations on how to make glass and they have a class where you can make your own glass piece. 

Next we headed over to the Museum of Western art.  We aren't really into western art, but wanted to see the Andy Warhol exhibit.  The building had some interesting history and they had some nice bronze pieces on display.  The Warhol exhibit was small, but overall it was a good experience and something to do while it is raining.  We went back home to have lunch and play with the dogs before we headed out for an afternoon of wine tasting.  Only three places today and one of them has a band playing from 6 pm - 9 pm. Thursday is Keuka Lake wine region.

The first winery "Wagner Vineyards" had a beautiful view of Seneca lake.  Nothing special about their wines and we did not try there beer.  Next we headed over to Lamoreaux Landing.  They had some really good Rieslings and their Pinot and Meritage blend were good to.  One of there Gewurztraminer's had an over powering nose of rose petals and tasted like roses.   I felt like my face was buried in roses.  Good if they were actually roses, but I couldn't get over it in my wine.  We then headed up to Ventosa Vineyards to do a tasting before The band started.  We weren't impressed with any of the wines during the tasting, but ordered a bottle of Saggio Series VII to have with our meal and as we watched the band.  The wine opened up really nice and turned out to be quite good.  The band "dirtybirds" was also very good.  We didn't have the pizza, but I wish we would have as it smelled delicious.  Over all a very good way to end the day. 

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Watkins Glen

rain 72 °F


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Hiking and Wine Tasting

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We started the day going to Watkins Glen state park to see the gorge. Because we had the dogs with us we knew we couldn't go on the gorge trail so we headed in through the south entrance. There was no guard at the gate so per the instructions we went to the camp site office to check in and pay our park fee. When we got there she gave us a map, showed us where we could walk with the dogs and sent us on our way. Not sure if we didn't get charged the fee because of it being late in the season or because we came in the south entrance, either way that worked for us.

The hike was very pretty and would have been even better had it not been raining for some of the trip. Thank goodness we stopped at the local Walmart to pick up some walking shoes for me as I didn't pack my hiking boots thinking the path would be paved. After looking at the website and seeing some pictures, I thought it would be better to have some walking shoes vs my sandals and that was a good choice. Porter was a mental head on the walk. I could have ran the whole way with him. Without the shoes I probably would have been on my butt a few times. Although we couldn't go down by the gorge, we did get some nice pictures. It may be worth it to go back without the dogs and hike the gorge trail as it looked like there we some beautiful views.

After the park we headed back home for lunch and to let the dogs swim. Afterwards we headed back out and went to our first 4 wineries of the trip. Our top favorites were Heron Hill and Hermann J Wiemer. Tomorrow we will go to 4 more wineries all of which are located on Keuka lake.

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Watkins Glen gorge

rain 72 °F


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